Meet the Photographer

Welcome to my page! I have loved capturing the beauty of nature since I was little. It has been within the last year that I've realized this is my calling. It was solidified when I was gifted an old camera from my Pop-Pop. Learning new ways to capture beauty has been a glorious experience for me. Seeing the texture and detail of plants, bees, birds, and more has filled my soul with so much joy. 

I am hoping to provide you with the beauty I capture with my camera. I have many of my photos available to purchase on this site. You will find anything from stock photos to framed photos.

I am looking to branch out into taking pictures of events, such as weddings, parties, and more. More to come on this!

When I am not sharing the beauty of the world around us, I am a doting mother to a toddler boy. I also enjoy paint pouring, crafting, an endless supply of coffee, and reality TV!